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COFICOFI coffee mix is all you need to make a great cup of coffee! Just add hot water to your COFICOFI sachet, and your cup of coffee will be ready in few minutes for you to enjoy.
COFICOFI 3-in-1 and 2-in-1 is a mixture of coffee, creamer and sugar, packed in small convenient 20g/18g/12g sachet, for single serving.
COFICOFI is offered in 3 different types of packaging:

  • Stand up OPP bag with 20 sachets
  • Stand up OPP bag with 10 sachets. This bag has a special euro-hole on the top, which gives an opportunity to hang the bag on the hooks, and have additional placement near the cash counters, which can give additional sales.
  • Plastic jar which contains 40 sachets. It is very convenient for smaller shops sales.

Plastic jar can be opened and used as a display, for sales by single sachets.

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Making your cup of coffee couldn’t be easier – it takes less than 30 seconds! Just add hot water to one COFIMAX sachet and voilà! Your tasty cup of coffee is ready to be served. For the perfect flavour, one packet should be mixed with 5 oz or 150 ml of hot water (standard cup size). To enjoy a larger mug-sized coffee, simply use 2 packets.

COFIMAX will give you the quick boost you need to be at your best, it will be the delicious beverage you serve your guests, and it will be the convenient coffee solution for you during your busy day. Warm up to a cup of COFIMX and enjoy every sip.

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Bonlife Oil

Ukraine has a strong agrarian tradition. The growing and processing of sunflower seeds for sunflower oil is a big business in Ukraine. Sunflower oil constitutes about 95 per cent of all vegetable oil consumption in Ukraine. The country remains the third largest world producer of sunflower oil.

Ukrainian sunflower oil under the brand BONLIFE is a product of premium quality, manufactured at ISO & HACCP certified factory. Its excellent quality has been proved by the laboratory tests and appropriate certificates. We make all efforts to satisfy the requirements of our partners in sunflower oil business and to strengthen our position on the world agricultural market.

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Bonlife Popcorn

BONLIFE microwave popcorn – unique product, for easy and fast preparation. It is meant for cooking in a microwave oven.

Only selected, small-size corn, grown on the best plantations of Spanish Catalonia is used for the production of BonLife popcorn.

Corns open in a form of a small butterfly, opening percentage is high (98%), and it is free from hull. It has an eye-catching and a very appetizing yellowish tinge, wonderful and delicate taste, looks exquisite, and will not leave anybody indifferent. Salted one, with a nice butter or an appetizing cheesy taste; which to taste first?

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COFICOFI instant coffee.

  • Product description:
  • 100% pure agglomerated instant coffee:
  • Logistic details:

200g X 12 glass jars X 2376 cartons X 40'FCL