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Our recipe


One of the additional plus points of COFICOFI is that it can be prepared cold - with ice, and consumed in the hot weather.

For that you need the same sachets of COFICOFI, shaker, chilled water and ice cubes. It is very easy to prepare and it's got a very refreshing and cool taste.

Please follow the recipe as below:

  • Put contents of 2 COFICOFI sachets into a shaker
  • Add about 200 ml of water and 5-6 ice cubes
  • Close the shaker and shake well
  • Enjoy Ice COFICOFI!!

You can mix up different kinds of COFICOFI in one drink – COFICOFI Fitness + COFICOFI Tiger, or COFICOFI Fitness + any COFICOFI flavored mix.